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Mobile Legends: Free Mobile Moba Game

Which are the best characters in the game Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a game that attracts attention with its heroes. Today, we will give you a few tips by making Mobile Legends best character ranking.

We have added our Mobile Legends character guide right below.

Mobile Legends has more than 100 million downloads on the Android platform, with 14 million ratings. Despite having such a high rating, the game, which can get a good score like 4.0, manages to attract attention with its champions as well as its graphics. Each character in the game has different powers and classes. So you can discover new abilities and powers in every character you choose. So do you wonder which is the best character while playing the game? Here is the answer:

How to Choose the Best Character Mobile Legends

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In fact, an important point should be made before ranking the best character in the game. As in any competitive game, the character you play best in Mobile Legends is the best character. So if you play really well with a character, your odds of winning in matches also go up. But if you take a good character and play bad with him, that won’t change anything.

If you want to play every character well, or at least at a better level than the players in your matches, you need to play with BlueStacks. BlueStacks, an emulator, offers the possibility to play mobile games free of charge from your computer. If you are one of those who say that losing is not in my soul, you should definitely try. At least you can use it in the game until you reach a high level.

The strength of the characters is constantly changing

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The strengths of the characters in the game do not remain constant with the updates that are coming, they are constantly changing. Of course, this does not apply to every champion. For this reason, you should follow the updates of the game closely. You can use BlueStacks for this. The application notifies you by sending a notification after each update.

Only the characters do not change. Also new characters are coming. For this reason, BlueStacks will help you get used to new characters. It is very important to use your skills at the right time and in the right way in the game. If you can’t do this already, your chances of playing well and winning matches are very low. If you are looking for a much more comfortable solution in this regard, BlueStacks will come to your aid. Because when you play the game on the computer, you get the help of keyboard and mouse. Thus, it is very easy to use abilities and move on the map.

Mobile Legends Best Characters Ranking

So what are the best characters in the game? We have prepared a power list!


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A champion in every meta.

If you want to narrow the map to your opponents, it is one of the champions you should choose. Gusion, which is very effective especially in one-to-one positions and when you catch your opponent alone, is a hero who is a little difficult to get used to at first. You may have some difficulty, especially when playing from the phone. If you want to get used to the champion, it may make more sense to play on the computer.


mobile legends
The story of a cute and sweet wizard.

If you want both to die and to be killed, our next hero will be suitable for you. Unable to reach the hero on the map, Harith is a sorcerer at its base and can really deal high damage. Sometimes, it can turn into a tank that dies hard depending on the items you choose. However, you have to be very careful with the items you choose while playing the character. Because as a result of the wrong items, the character can lose function or damage.


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Leader of close combat!

Badang, who is very similar to the character of Lee Sin, known to those who play League of Legends, is a warrior who can defeat his enemies with his mobility and abilities. Badang, who has a good range despite being a melee, is very successful in dodging or catching your opponents. While playing the character, you can become very powerful by buying some tank items if you wish.


mobile legends
İsmi gibi korkutan bir karakter olabiliyor.

Don’t mind that his name is Hanzo. He really is one of the best characters in the game. However, to play this character well, you must first have a good command of the game. Using the character’s abilities is a bit difficult. For this reason, you can again get help from BlueStacks and relax its gameplay. In Mobile Legends, where the meta is constantly changing, Hanzo seems to be among the better characters for a long time. If you’re looking for an assassin character, Hanzo is one of them.


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More than a support champion…

Let’s make our last suggestion through a support character. Faramis, which has attracted attention since the day it was added to the game, is an ideal champion, especially for players who love team play and say that I live for my teammates, not for myself. He is one of the champions who can keep his team alive and protect them firmly.

Play with Mobile Legends BlueStacks on PC

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Download Mobile Legends pc

In this guide, we told you about the best characters with Mobile Legends. If you are one of those who have trouble controlling the characters while playing the game, you can play the game with BlueStacks as most people refer. It is much easier to master the character using the keyboard and mouse, and it is enough to win matches. If there are heroes that you love and think are one of the good characters in the game, do not forget to mention them in the comments.

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