Call of Duty Mobile: What are the best weapons?

Call of Duty: Mobile

The best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile have been a matter of controversy lately. We have listed the best weapons for you by separating them according to their categories and features in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile: The best weapons by category

Call of Duty Mobile’s best weapons list includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns (high level and low level) according to their categories. We did not include the shotgun category in this list because all weapons in the shotgun category function the same, and you can knock down your enemies at once, depending on the area you aim at in close-range combat. For this reason, we have not included shotguns in this list. Let’s move on to the list without further ado. Here is the Call of Duty Mobile top guns list:

call of duty weapons
Call of Duty Mobile: AK-47

CoD Mobile: the best assault rifle AK-47

  • Damage: 70
  • Rate of fire: 55
  • FK Acc .: 48
  • Mobility: 60
  • Range: 66

Some people may be confusing the AK-47 with the AK117 and BK57. The AK-47 ranks first as the best fully automatic assault rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile. You can unlock this weapon at level 23, which has one of the highest damage records in the game, so you don’t have to wait that long to use it. The only drawback of the gun is that it cannot be fired properly due to the recoil experienced when firing. However, this is also easy to overcome. You can add a forefoot and red dot sight to your weapon to help kill your enemies with less recoil.

call of duty weapons
Call of Duty Mobile: UL736

CoD Mobile: best submachine gun UL736

  • Damage: 70
  • Rate of fire: 60
  • FK Acc .: 40
  • Mobility: 40
  • Distance: 55

You will have to level up a lot to unlock this beast rather than the AK-47. Because UL736 is opened at level 115. Having no recoil disadvantages like the AK-47 makes the UL736 perfect for medium and long-range combat, thanks to its strength and range. Mobility is not as good as the AK-47, so it may take some time to get used to. But once you get used to it, you may never be able to give up this weapon. You can also attach a stock to increase your movement speed while aiming.

call of duty weapons
Call of Duty Mobile: AKS-74U

CoD Mobile: the best submachine gun AKS-74U

  • Damage: 78
  • Rate of fire: 60
  • FK Acc .: 55
  • Mobility: 75
  • Distance: 33

It should come as no surprise that among submachine guns, this weapon is the perfect choice for gamers, because only one stands out among the remaining SMGs: the AKS-74U. One of the best versatile weapons with high damage and rapid fire rate, the AKS-74U will help this weapon reach your target with its high accuracy, whatever the situation. You can unlock this weapon when you reach the eighth level.

call of duty weapons
Call of Duty Mobile: DL Q33

CoD Mobile: best sniper rifle DL Q33

  • Damage: 90
  • Rate of fire: 15
  • Accuracy: 60
  • Mobility: 45
  • Distance: 90

In Call of Duty Mobile, the sniper rifle DL Q33 is just the weapon it should be. It is the best weapon choice you can watch as your opponents flee to the left and right while you are shooting their heads in the game. While there are plenty of great options for sniper rifles to choose from, there is a reason the DL Q33 is one click above other sniper rifles for three seasons. After using the DL Q33 with its range, damage and accuracy, you will realize that it is absolutely incomparable to other rifles.

Although Call of Duty Mobile is part of the series, it came with its own level of meta, game and weapon. You have to wait to unlock some of the best weapons in the game due to the level requirements required to unlock weapons in the game. However, some weapons are unlocked at a fairly early level. We also categorized and researched what are the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

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