Clash of Clans Level 10 Village Layout

coc village layout level 10
Clash of Clans Village Layout (Level 10)

We have strong village layout suggestions for Clash of Clans levels 10 village layout! With this level, where we have taken another step towards becoming a big village in Clash of Clans, the importance of our role in the game has increased slightly compared to the previous level. In this context, you will find 3 different village layouts for your 10th level village, which are clan warfare, resource protection, and cup designs that you can use for your purpose.

  1. With the 10th level, clan wars gained importance.
  2. At this level, the design doesn’t seem to matter much in crowded clan wars but still needs attention.
  3. Definitely design is critical if your clan has few players.

How should the Clash of Clans level 10 village layout be?

We have already stated that our importance in the game has increased with reaching the 10th level. However, the attacks and especially the defenses we will make in the clan wars, which are one of the most important parts of the game, also gained importance. For players in large units, the design of a level 10 clan war may not matter much. Unfortunately, it may not be that difficult for a higher level player to get 3 stars. However, if you are in a developing union and the number of members is not that high, the design you make is of great importance.

Cup Layout

If you have completed level 10 to a great extent and all you have to do is keep your trophy count, this design is for you. We gather our defense buildings around our town hall in order to protect our town hall in the best possible way in the village design that we focus on below the village. With this design, we continue to keep as many cups as possible in our village, while it is very difficult for our opponent to reach the city hall.

coc cup layout 10
Cup Layout

Resource Protection Layout

Although our main goal in this design is to protect our warehouses, our municipality building is located in the center of our village. However, unlike the cup design, this time our defense buildings were placed not to protect our town hall but to protect our warehouses. In other words, by placing our defense buildings as close to our warehouses as possible, we try to protect our resources as much as possible and keep them for ourselves. In addition, as we have mentioned before, by protecting our city hall in the center, we indirectly protect our trophies.

coc level 10 Resource Protection Layout
Resource Protection Layout

Clan War Design

In this design, we keep our municipality building in the center of our village. In the design that we keep some of our defense buildings in the center together with our municipality building, we try not to leave a gap for our opponent to enter the village by distributing the others around the village in a balanced manner.

coc layout clan wars
Clan Wars Layout
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