Clash of Clans Level 13 Village Layout

Clash of Clans Level 13
Clash of Clans Level 13 Village Layout

We have suggestions for Clash of Clans level 13 village layout! With the new update, the course of the game in Clash of Clans has changed and a little more competition and excitement came to the game before entering the new year. Because with the new buildings, hero and level updates, the players who had nothing to do in the game had to fall on the game again. With the new update, one of the most curious issues of the players is undoubtedly the new village designs. In this content, we will share the best village designs that can be made with the new update.

Clash of Clans 13th Level Village Layout

Generally, most of the players who reach level 13 have done everything that could be done in the game and are now made up of players who play the game for clan wars and trophies. However, as we mentioned before, with the new update, there are new improvements. For this reason, we also discussed the resource conservation design, which is not normally important for this level. Thus, you can use clan war, trophy and resource conservation designs that suit your strategy.

Cup Design

Clash of Clans Level 13

In this design, our aim is to minimize the potential loss of trophies that we will lose from attacks from our competitors. For this reason, we place our resources away from the center and keep our defense buildings close to the center in the order that we center the central building. In this way, in the order where we mainly protect our center, we delay our opponent from reaching the center and if things go as we want, we will not lose our trophies.

Resource Protection Design

Clash of Clans Level 13

Although our main goal in this village sequence is to protect our resources, we also protect our headquarters with this design we choose. Although some of our defense buildings are located outside in this sequence where we keep our resource warehouses at the closest position to the center, we make such a preference to prevent our opponent from reaching our storages or to minimize the loss. We can complete our development faster with the resources we protect together with this arrangement.

Clan War Design

Clash of Clans Level 13

Sıra, belki de en önemli dizilimimiz olan klan savaşı dizilimine geldi. Bu dizilimimizde, diğerlerinden farklı olarak merkez binamızı ve klan kalemizi ortaya yerleştirmek yerine biraz daha köşeye yakın yerleştiriyoruz. Defans binalarımızın ağırlığı belli bir noktaya yoğunlaştırıyoruz ve böylelikle defans binalarımızın menziline giren rakibimizin işi daha zor oluyor.

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