Clash of Clans Level 8 Village Layout

Clash of Clans Village Layout
Clash of Clans Level 8 Village Layout

We have design suggestions for the Clash of Clans level 8 village layout!

We have suggestions for Clash of Clans level 8 village layout! We continue our series of village layout designs, which are of great importance for Clash of Clans, upon great request. In this content, we have compiled beautiful, useful and different design suggestions for the 8th level village layout for you.

Clash of Clans Level 8 Village Layout?

With reaching the 8th level, we can say that we have crossed a threshold in Clash of Clans. If we can accelerate our development at the 8th level, which can be considered as the middle of the game, we can move to the faster progressing level and thus enjoy the game more. Now let’s move on to examine the village layouts that will strengthen your defenses, save your resources and try to minimize the damage you will take in clan wars on your path to development.

Clash of Clans village
Clash of Clans level 8 village layout – Cup Design

Cup Design

For villages with a level 8 Town Hall, focusing on the trophy is not very important. Because we said that the priority of the players at this level is to develop quickly and they need to climb the level steps quickly to increase their pleasure from the game. However, if you have a trophy obsession and you are at the end of the 8th level, you can increase your probability of securing your trophies with the design example we gave above. With the order we place the Town Hall and the Clan Castle in the center, our opponent’s getting our resources is not so important for us, so we give our predominant defense towards the center. Thus, our trophies continue to stay in the village while our opponent’s mind remains on resources.

Clash of Clans village
Clash of Clans village level 8 – Resource Protection Design

Resource Protection Design

If you have just moved to level 8 or are in the middle of it, we recommend using the resource protection design. Because, at this level, where each resource is of great importance, we can use the resources we will protect for our development and thus reach our goals more easily. Even though the Town Hall and the Clan Castle are in the center, we secure the dark potions with the Black Potion Depot that we have placed next to them. Unlike the previous design, the defense buildings that we place on the front lines together with the order in which we try to keep the gold and potion stores closer to the center take on critical importance in preventing our opponent from reaching resources and saving us as much time as possible.

Clash of Clans village
Clash of Clans village level 8 – Clan War Design

Clan War Design

In the clan war design, where we prefer an intermittent order instead of a tight order, our center has the Town Hall and the Clan Castle. In order to keep our troop in the Clan Castle as useful as possible and to prevent our opponent from eliminating him early, you see Teslas next to the Clan Castle in the center. Apart from these, our air defenses are located as close to the center as possible to prevent Ejder attacks, which are generally preferred at these levels. With this village layout, you can minimize the damage of the attack of a balanced village and have the chance to change the fate of the clan war.

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