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pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile PC download button is on Mobidictum.

We have compiled the PUBG Mobile PC download button, the settings you can make in the game and the things to do to play this game on the computer.

We have compiled the PUBG Mobile PC download button, the settings you can make in the game and the things to do to play this game on the computer. The mobile side of PUBG is a game that can be played on PC and you can download it to your computer and play it easily. Before playing the game, be sure to check out our PUBG Mobile system requirements article.

Download PUBG Mobile PC

The mobile version of the game, which players love to play, comes to the rescue of users with worse computer setups with low requirements. We will play this game as if there is a phone on the computer, together with various software. Our biggest assistant in this matter is BlueStacks 4. You can download it by clicking the button below.

pubg mobile
pubg mobile
How to download PUBG Mobile?

How to download PUBG Mobile on computer?

  • First of all, we download PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks.
  • We install the application on our computer by following the necessary instructions on the page you go to.
  • Then we log in with your own Google Play account on BlueStacks.
  • We are downloading PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store.
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If you want to play the game with your phone account, it will be enough to follow the steps above. However, if you want to play with a different account on the phone and on the computer; You need to enter the Google Play Store on BlueStacks with a new Google account. Thus, you can play the game with two different accounts. After downloading the game from Play Store, the installation is done automatically by BlueStacks. At this point, all you have to do is wait for the installation to complete and enjoy the game.

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We play the game’s new map, Town, in narrow and back streets.

PUBG Mobile PC Settings

Since PUBG Mobile is a mobile game and asks us to use more key combinations compared to other games, it is absolutely essential to set it up properly.

When playing PUBG Mobile from a PC, the settings you can play as if you are playing a normal FPS game are as follows:

  • First we open BlueStacks and then download PUBG Mobile.
  • After the game is loaded, we enter the game and click the keyboard icon on the upper right of the screen and enter the control settings of the game.
  • After logging in, at the top of the screen, items such as buttons and joysticks that will allow us to adjust our controls appear.
  • You can also use presets for easier adjustment. However, we will explain it in writing.
  • Instead of presets, you can customize all key assignments yourself. For this, we click on the keyboard icon and click on the Edit option.
  • Now left click on the key assignments on the screen. For example, left-click the key assignment above the jump and then press the Space key. Thus, the Space key will now become the jump key. Make the same settings for other key assignments.
  • You can make quick changes by assigning 1-2-3-4 using the numeric keys to the weapon selection sections at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can put the spacebar, CTRL and Shift keys on top of the jump, crouch, and sprint keys at your convenience.
  • You can add your bag and reload keys to the Tab and R keys.
  • You can add the F or E keys for functions such as opening doors, getting in the car, collecting items, opening bags.
pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games of the last period.

The Difference Between PUBG Mobile PC vs Mobile

The game, which has been extremely popular recently, is very popular with the players due to the slight difference between it and the computer version. In addition, the missing points continue to be removed quickly with updates. In the latest news we shared with you, we stated that 3 new weapons and 1 new map are counted to be added to the game. At this rate, the feature difference between PC and Mobile version will be very small. In addition, because there is little demand on the PC side about PUBG cheating, your game pleasure will not go to waste.

Apart from these, PUBG Mobile also includes weapons and costumes that are not included in the PC version. This pushes players to play more on mobile. As you know, even a helicopter was added to the game. So the differences with the PC version do not end with counting. Apart from that, we should not miss millions of players. Although the number of players in the PC version of PUBG has started to decrease, there are still millions of players in the mobile version.

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