Full Details About Brawl Stars Jacky

Brawl stars Jacky
You can find all the details about Brawl Stars Jacky at Mobidictum.

We have compiled all the information about Brawl Stars’ new character Jacky.

Brawl Stars’ new character Jacky was officially announced by Brawl Talk. With the new character expected to come to the game towards the end of March, 4 different costumes, renewed maps and new events are expected to come to the game. We look forward to the update that will arrive towards the end of March. Details of the update will be in our Brawl Stars tag.

Brawl Stars Jacky

  • Super Rare

The Jacky character is planned to be added to the game with the update coming towards the end of March. Brawl Stars, in a statement on the Brawl Talk video, talked about Jacky’s distinctive features from other characters. Many characteristics of our character who will be a member of the Super Rare class will be unique from other characters. We will be able to use these unique features after level 7. Of course, this feature, which will come with the gadgets system, will bring color to all characters.

Brawl Stars Jacky
Jacky will be a little difficult.

Brawl Stars also mentioned that the character Jacky will not be easy to use. However, they added that when you get used to it, we can never give up.

Jacky Abilities

Our new character Jacky’s weapon is the big hammer in his hand. When our character Jacky uses his special power, he creates a large dust cloud and pulls his opponents into dust and can cause huge damage.


  • When our character uses his main attack, the Groundbreaker, he quickly hits the ground with his hammer and shakes the ground. This way it deals area damage to all nearby enemies.

Holey Moley!

  • When Jacky uses his special power, he creates a large cloud of dust, pulling his opponents into it and damaging them.

Speed ​​Booster

  • The accessory feature that comes with the new update increases the speed of our character Jacky. Using this skill, our character experiences a burst of energy and moves faster.

Star Powers

  • Our character has 2 star powers. One of them partially reflects the damage from its competitors. The other feature prevents all incoming damage.

Jacky Skin

Our character Jacky’s appearance resembles other characters to us. Jacky’s face and posture resembles Jessie character. Because of this similarity, rumors are circulating among the players about being Jessie’s brother. Also, Jacky has a miner’s hat. There is a smiling face in the shape of a triangle on his hat. The same hat is also found in the Carl character. As if these were not enough, Jacky’s glasses are almost the same as Max’s character.

Brawl Stars Jacky
Surprises are waiting for us.

So, as you can understand, our character’s appearance consists of a mixture of others.

Star Powers

In the visual that the character Jacky is announced by Brawl Talk, there are 3 star powers in the upper left corner. However, apart from what is known, these star powers are green, not yellow. Looking at this, we can say that there is a possibility that the star powers may change. However, this is only an estimate yet no statement has been made. Also, you should have seen the Gadgets article in the same picture. It is said to be added to the game in a new feature called Gadgets. Although nothing definite has been said, I think it will be a new feature that will look like star powers.

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