Grim Soul: Survival – A World In The Darkness!

Grim Soul

Why should we still play survival games on computers and consoles anymore? Our phones, which are always with us are more than enough. We love video games, especially survival games, therefore, we want to devote our free time from school or work to our own adventure. Grim Soul: Survival, which is available on Android and IOS is here to fill this gap.

We’re trying to survive in the dark world of Grim Soul

All that you need to do in the dark barren lands where many forms of life have turned into traveling souls are surviving. To survive, you need to build a house by collecting stones, wood and other resources around you. In this way, you can be protected from the outside world while having a safe area for the thing you collect.

Grim Soul shelter construction

At the beginning of the game, you will have nothing to protect you from this dangerous world. Fortunately, you will start to learn the game step-by-step with the resources and creatures that you are going to encounter as they are teaching tasks. Also, you can loot the dead bodies to find many useful items.

Each item has its own level of durability. Always make sure you have a spare tool or enough resources to produce it before producing anything. Otherwise, you may be left empty when you need the item the most. This can cause you to lose more.

Grim Soul Survival Base Extending and Producing Objects

Building and Living

Trying to survive in the game does not mean that you will not have a beautiful and functional home. Building a house to protect what you have from the outside world and speed up production should be your first job. Also, thanks to the crafting areas you can place in your home, you can produce more functional items and prepare better quality food. This will increase your chances of surviving longer. However, keep in mind that other players can still loot your home when you are away!

Is Grim Soul free?

Yes, the game is free but microtransactions that are inside every other mobile game are also taking a part in this. If you want to explore the Grim Soul: Survival map, you will probably need to walk from one point to the next for almost half an hour. (Walk and go, it doesn’t really end…) If you say that I can not do these long walks, you can buy energy to yourself by using the microtransactions methods we have mentioned and speed up the reach to these points.

Grim Soul Dungeon

I’ve been playing this game on my Xiaomi Red Mi 8A Android phone for about a week. So far, it is really worth trying. I haven’t encountered a performance problem yet. I couldn’t find any deficit in the game. Make sure you have a lot of fun and free time, you won’t want to leave.

This article has been translated by Ragid Hallak.

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