How to Refund UC in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile UC refund.

Today we wrote about refunding PUBG Mobile UC. In PUBG Mobile, you can use UC to buy cosmetics in the game. In case you bought UC by mistake, the team behind the game shared some information about refunding it. First of all, let’s say: You have no chance to get an instant refund. You must apply. The result of the application might be approved or not approved.

Refund UC: Apple Store

If you have made any purchase at Apple, you cannot return from this payment and you cannot get your money back. However, that doesn’t mean there’re no other ways to refund UC. ou can open an application on this subject. Select the iTunes Store link in the left column of iTunes and go to the Account section. Here you will see your purchase history. Click here to see all your purchases. You must select the purchase you want to get a refund from this section and say “Report a Problem”. You will also need to fill out a form for the refund application. After completing the form, your return application will be completed. Details on the subject will be sent to your e-mail address.

Refund UC: Google Play

Refunding UC on Google Play is definitely much easier than on Apple Store. Google will process your refund if it accepts your excuse. Otherwise, we can say that your application will not be approved. After logging into your account, you should choose the transaction you want to return just under the options column and say “Report a Problem”. You should also choose the option “I want to request a refund” from the window that will open and write why you want to do this. Thus, your return application will be received.

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