How to Solve Mobile Network Unavailable?

Mobile Network Unavailable
What does Mobile Network Unavailable mean?

What does Mobile Network Unavailable mean and how to fix this error? We have prepared a guide that will help you solve this situation that has been seen a lot recently. Undoubtedly, one of the most important features for mobile games is the internet. At home, school, public transport; We can play mobile games wherever you can think of. So what can we do for the “mobile network not available error” that has caused us to have problems with games connected to the internet recently?

What Does Mobile Network Unavailable Mean?

This error means that you do not have an internet network available and states that you cannot do anything over mobile data. We made a description with a few visuals for those who received this error. You can also fix the problem from the video just below the images. First, press and hold your mobile network icon and from the screen that opens, go to the Access Point Names (APN) section. We took the images below from a Huawei device. Their names and locations may change according to your device, but our main point is to enter APNs.

Solution To This Problem

Mobile network

After entering APNs, you will see existing mobile networks. To resolve the mobile network unavailable error, we need to define a new APN here. That’s why we press the “New APN” button and start making the settings.

Creating New APN

Mobile network

What should be written in the name section?

Here you add the name of the service provider you use to the “Name” section and write internet next to it. Anyone using Vodafone should write Vodafone Internet. The next thing to do is to make the MCC value 286 and the MNC value 02.

Mobile network
Mobile network
Mobile network
Mobile network

You must also set the APN Protocol and APN roaming protocol options to IPv4.

After doing these procedures, you will resolve the error. We compiled our content regarding the mobile network not available error based on a video on Esat Yılmazsubaşı YouTube channel.

Now that you have solved this error that causes a big problem in mobile games, you can dive into the fun worlds of games again. Of course, if you are looking for any guide or content support, you can check out Mobidictum. Mobidictum is a platform that supports mobile game developers on many issues and offers brand new perspectives to publishers looking for mobile games. As a player, you can find thousands of exclusive content and guides for dozens of games. You can also browse the popular mobile games of the last period with our mobile game suggestions lists.

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