How to write a symbolic name in Brawl Stars?

bs symbolic name
Brawl Stars symbolic name

The iconic fashion of names has begun in Brawl Stars! How to write the name with the Brawl Stars symbol? Which symbols can be used? We will answer that in this article on Mobidictum. After the colorful names, Brawl Stars started a new fashion. We can now use symbols, emojis and various characters in the names. Supercell allows any type of symbol to be used in the name but with certain restrictions.

Adding Emoji to Brawl Stars Name

Before entering the topic, there is only one thing to be aware of. If you lose your account and try to find it by name, Supercell admins can find it difficult to find the account. If you say I have secured my account by mail, here are the methods to write you a symbolic Brawl Stars name. We recommend that you take a look at the entire article before you start.

Method 1

To write a symbolic name in Brawl Stars, enter the name change screen in the settings section of the game. Select and confirm the symbol emoji and characters you want on the keyboard of your mobile device. That’s it! This method may not work on every mobile device. Although you choose different symbols and emojis, the system may not let you change your name by calling you an invalid name. If the simplest method did not work, you can try the second method.

Method 2

First, create your name from this link or this one. Copy the name you created, enter Brawl Stars and paste it into the name change screen from the settings section. Although it may vary depending on the mobile device, the option may not be available for you to paste into the name writing section in the game. Therefore, you can use the paste button on your smartphone’s keyboard to paste the name you prepared on the mentioned sites. If it does not accept the name you prepared, try creating a few different names. The game may not accept these codes because it contains code in each symbol. If it doesn’t work, you can try method 3.

Method 3

Use emulator. Install the BlueStacks Android emulator on your computer, open your Brawl Stars account and enter the name change screen from the settings section. You can also try to add a symbol to your name via the direct emulator’s smart keyboard. If you get an invalid name warning, create a name from the links we gave in method 2 and paste it on the Brawl Stars name change screen. If this is the first time you are logging into Brawl Stars from the emulator, you can try name attempts in the new Brawl Stars account that was opened before making a name change. You can download BlueStacks for free here.

Important Note: Unfortunately Brawl Stars does not support every symbol. So you have to try to see if the symbols you will add are valid. The game will find this name invalid if it turns into a question mark once you delete the icon you put with the backspace key, which is the easy way to find out which one is valid. In this way, you can try whether different symbols work or not.

Now you can have a cool Brawl Stars name! if things didn’t work out for you, hit us up in the comment section below. You can also share other tricks you discovered while writing a symbolic name with us in the comments to help other players. Stay tuned to Mobidictum for everything about Brawl Stars and the mobile game world. 

This article has been translated from Turkish by Ragid Hallak.

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