Instagram Account Hacking and Password Hacking

Secure your account against Instagram account hacking.

Instagram account hacking and password cracking incidents have been increasing lately. If you have such a thought, you should definitely check out this content.

Incidents of Instagram account stealing and password cracking have been on the rise lately, but there is something that people who steal accounts have forgotten: People who work with Instagram accounts file a complaint directly to the prosecutor’s office, and if the victim is proven guilty as a result of the complaint, they are sentenced to between six months and three years in prison. In addition, there is no difficulty in finding the person who stole the account. Instagram records information such as login information, location, IMEI number, mobile phone number and IP address. Therefore, the person playing can be found easily.

Instagram Account Hacking and Password Hacking Methods

There are many ways to steal an Instagram account.

  • Usually the simplest method to steal an Instagram account is to type the username and try to guess the password. If you do not want your Instagram account to be hacked, make sure your password is safe, avoid easily guessable passwords such as phone number, date of birth.
  • Be careful not to open your accounts in internet cafes and computers at schools. Tertiary software installed on computers, usually in such places, can record everything typed on the keyboard. Watch out for Keyloggers and Trojans.
  • Follower and follower increasing sites ask you for your passwords to gain followers for your account. Never enter your account information on such sites. You could be compromised by malicious people and your account could be stolen. In addition to the follower increasing applications, applications such as seeing the people looking at their profile on Instagram, and seeing the hidden accounts in Instagram may cause your account to be stolen.
If you do not want your Instagram account to be stolen, you should stay away from follower hacking sites.

How to Keep an Instagram Account Safe

Just as there is more than one method to steal an Instagram account, there are also multiple methods to secure your account. In addition, if you use your Instagram account frequently day and night, you can use Instagram in a dark theme in order not to strain your eyes in the evenings.

How can I secure my Instagram account?

  • To prevent your Instagram account from being stolen, first of all you need to do is not to share your account information with anyone. No matter how much you trust the other person, you may encounter unpleasant situations. Therefore, be careful not to share your private information, username or password with anyone, even if you are the closest person.
  • Your password has to be just as hard to keep your account safe. The harder your password is, the harder it will be to capture your account. Get yourself a hard and complicated password right away.
  • Do not make your account privacy public. This shows that you are open to all goals and your private information is more easily learned by others. Therefore, if your account is public, it would be beneficial to hide it from other people. Thus, people you do not know can not see what you share in your account and you can decide whether they should follow or not.
  • Be very careful with sites that make promises to increase followers and similar services, and specifically request a username and password. Do not even enter at all if possible.
  • Pay attention to the mails coming to your e-mail address. Before opening incoming mail, check who it came from. Never open people from an unknown or suspicious place. Even if you have opened them, avoid the files below, but don’t download or open them. Otherwise, both your account and your computer may be infected, and may cause theft of your Instagram account as well as many of your account information.
If you want to keep your Instagram account safe, you should not share your account information even with your closest relatives.

Recommendations for Keeping an Instagram Account Safe

  • Do not add sequential or easy-to-guess numbers such as name, date of birth, name of your girlfriend, dating anniversary, names of family members or 123456 in your password.
  • Make your account private by removing it from its public position.
  • Add phone verification. Receive a notification when someone logs into your account, so you can quickly change your account password.
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