Make Among Us name Anonymous – How to make an invisible name?

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You can lure the killer into a trap with the Among Us invisible name method.

With the method of being anonymous in Among Us, you can find killers more easily.

With the Among Us anonymous method, you can have an invisible name. Since copying the space is required to implement such a method, most players ask “How to make an invisible name in Among Us?” You can get behind the people who work with this invisible name without their knowledge.

Invisible Name Tactics Among Us

You can lure murderers into the trap with the Among Us blank name tactic. All you have to do is put a special symbol like a normal name. Since this name field is not blank, you will need a special symbol. Even though there is no space, we seem to hear the questions of how can a space be put there. You will have copied a symbol along with the method we will give you.

among us
For the Among Us blank name, you have to copy the special symbol.

You can join games with the invisible name, as the game thinks it is a symbol. You can do many tactics with these invisible names. The best tactic of this method is to enter the game with at least one friend. One player should have a normal name, while the second player should be anonymous. After joining the game, you have to intertwine with your friend and lure the killer into the trap. Walking around the dangerous and outer rooms of the map will help you lure the killer towards you. If you want to find the killer faster, you should usually be in areas where no multiplayer travels.

among us
By intertwining with your friends, you can expose the killer.

Another way to lure the killer into a trap is that you shouldn’t run towards sabotage when there is sabotage. This method can be a little dangerous as accusations can be made on you. If you don’t go to help sabotage constantly, most people will suspect you and you will be thrown into the emptiness of space with the vote. ? If the impostor comes across while playing anonymously in Among Us, you need to be more careful about it. Otherwise, the absence of your name is sure to attract everyone’s attention, and if they don’t see you around, you may attract even more doubts.

Is making blank names a reason to ban?

Among Us blank names are not yet banned, but you can be kicked out of online lobbies. At the same time, most people who want to have an Invisible Name in Among Us are not going to be anonymous due to the incoming updates, despite the correct actions. You will need to play Among Us by name for a while, as there is no other method that can be used to be anonymous after the update.

Anonymous Among Us

The method of making invisible in names Among Us is actually quite simple. Since it is impossible for players to do this method by phone, you need to copy the special symbol to make Among Us anonymous. Then, you should log in to the game and list the servers by pasting them into the name writing section.

among us
You can stand in the outer rooms of the map to find the killer more easily.

You may encounter an error while applying the Among Us with anonymous method. You can try duplicating the symbol again to join games anonymously. If you are sure that you have copied it correctly, you should enter the game and copy this symbol into the name section. Also, because most players think this method disrupts the game, the developers of Among Us may prohibit the use of symbols used to make invisible names in the coming days. If you still want to play Among Us with the invisible name without being banned, follow the methods below in order. You can also join our Discord server and have the chance to play Among Us with us.

  • Copy the special symbol we gave in parentheses. (ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ)
  • Open the game.
  • List the servers by pressing the “Local” or “Online” button.
  • Click on the top of the tab that opens and paste the symbol you copied.
  • Then set up any lobby or join existing ones.
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