Minecraft Pocket Edition Best Seed Codes

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed Codes

With these codes that you can use while playing Minecraft PE, you can make a good start instead of playing on a random map.

Are you looking for a nice map for Minecraft Pocket Edition? Then these seed codes are for you! With these codes that you can use while playing Minecraft PE, you can make a good start by using these codes that you like the theme of instead of playing on a random map. Keep reading for Minecraft PE seed codes that you can play on PC with BlueStacks 4.

Minecraft Village, Temple, and Sunken Ship

This map, where 3 different climates come together, is just one of the maps you can choose to make a good start with the treasures in the temple. When you give your back to the temple, you will be discovered under the sea and the map with a sunken ship also has a hidden monster spawn point in the area.

Seed Code: 66898262

A place where Stream, Mine and Civilization coexist.

Mountain House

If you are looking for a quiet place with a river flowing in the middle with NPCs living on their own, this seed may be a choice for you. You can settle in this residential area that gives its back to the mountain, and you can start drilling the mountain and extract the ores. In addition, since there is a field in the settlement area, you will not go hungry at first.

Seed Code: 50975

A metropolis like the Walking Dead set.

Minecraft Metropolis

Although this area, which looks like the Walking Dead set, is a large residential area, there are many needs to be met. If you want to set a purpose for yourself, you can start by fixing this area.

Seed Code: 1388582293

A quiet island town.

Island Campus

This residential area, which will become the favorite of those who do not want to deal with the mainland, is located on an island. There is also a place to build your own home next to the campus, making the island a great choice.

Seed Code: -407474912

Island Coordinates: X: 181, Y: 69, Z: 474

A mansion in the forest.


Is it a mansion in the forest? Yes, instead of building a house using the Minecraft Pocket Edition seed code, you can also move into a built house. Of course, if you want to settle down, you may need to illuminate the interior a little.

Seed Code: 2033394339

Pavilion Coordinates: X: 526, Y: 91, Z: 81

A hut away from danger but danger itself.

Witch Hut

Nobody but a witch and a cat lives in this tiny house in the middle of the swamp. This area, surrounded by shallow water, can be a good option for players who adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Of course, the witch can be a bit aggressive, as far as we can remember. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when approaching the witch.

Seed Code: 825217104

Soft candy valley.

Candy Valley

Although we cannot remember its name, this valley, which resembles delicious soft candies, may be of interest to players looking for a theme. Not to mention the difficulty it will give about the tree. However, after getting away from the area a little, you fall among the trees.

Seed Code: 742382451

Home of the Ice King.

Ice Forest

A forest covered with ice awaits you for those who want to play in a different theme. For those who choose the game mode difficult, you can safely return to your home with the observation towers it hosts.

Seed Code: KOP

Bonus: Flower Forest

Play Minecraft Pocket Edition with BlueStacks 4

We shared with you beautiful seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can also use these seeds in Minecraft PE, which you can play on BlueStacks 4, and get a great start on the map you want. In addition, by joining the BlueStacks Discord channel, you can be informed about tournaments related to other games and win prizes. See you in the tournaments!

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