OSM Tactics Tips: A Quality Team Building Guide

With our OSM tactical guide, you will put your small teams in a better position.

OSM has a very large pool of tactics. If you have no idea how to stand out with a small or average team, or if the tactics you tried have not worked in any way, we can guarantee that you will stand out with the OSM tactics we recommend. We played the game with BlueStacks on PC. We also recommend BlueStacks to play mobile games on PC before you get started. ?

OSM Tactic Recommendations

The basic way to establish a qualified staff starts with evaluating what you have. If your squad is young, open to development, or above the squad average, you should definitely keep them in the roster at the beginning. Don’t send top quality players in your squad to earn money. Here we will start from the importance of young people. First of all, we recommend that you bring the Training Field to the 2nd level from the Stadium section. You need to spend about 10M to do this. Instead of hiring a player for 10M, it is very important to strengthen the current squad.

osm tactics
First of all, you must make your training ground 2 stars.

Training hours are very important. If the weekend boost is not activated, that is, if the training sessions are not completed twice as fast, you should definitely do the training after your match on that day. Thus, your training at the end of the match will end in the morning and you will have a chance to do another training until the next match. Let’s talk below for a scenario where our daily match is at 20.00.

  • Daily after-match training starts: 20.30
  • End of training: 05.30
  • In this scenario, if you put your players in training before 12.30 in the afternoon, you will have the match.
osm tactics
You can put your highest value players on sale and wait until the next match.

OSM Transfer Tactics

Among the OSM tactics, the most fundamental point may be to save money. For this, we need to pay attention to transfers. We recommend that you put the players that you do not evaluate in your squad immediately after completing the daily match for the highest amount. For players who want to take some risk, we recommend that you put the best players of your squad up for sale and buy better at the transfer market if that player is sold until the new match.

osm tactics
You can expand your squad by keeping the players in the squad for sale at the highest price until the new match.

OSM Team Recommendation

What we have told so far is as follows:

  • Enlarge the training ground
  • Move strategically during training hours and empower your players with at least 2 training sessions a day
  • After each match, the most valuable player of the squad is put up for sale with the maximum transfer fee. Buy better if sold up to new match

The Team We Have Create With These Tactics

The biggest mistakes players make when making a transfer are usually keeping the number of players below 20. You may be unable to put a player even for a substitute, due to injuries, poor form, and fatigue. While it is not a problem to drop to 18 players early in the league, keep in mind that the league lasts more than 30 weeks. Just below, we have added the staff we have established with these simple tactics.

osm tactics
World stars mounted next to Ömür, Çakır and Sörloth with these simple tactics … ?

You can play OSM on PC

It can also play OSM from PC with BlueStacks. While we were preparing this guide, we played the game on BlueStacks. If you wish, you can download BlueStacks and play the game from your computer. Have a good game! ?

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