PUBG Mobile Ban Removal: There is only one solution!

PUBG Mobile ban removal

What do you need to do to remove the PUBG Mobile ban? First of all, if you cheated and got banned for that, we recommend you do not request a ban removal at all. Tencent has very strict rules in this regard and doesn’t even support players who have cheated.

PUBG Mobile Ban Removal

If your account has been banned for a wrong reason, you should send an email to Tencent. In this email, you should know the date your account was banned, what was written in the statement you received – you can look at your email address where you opened your account to see this. Also, you will receive a notification about this on the game login screen.

Ban removal

How should you send the mail?

As you can see in the alert, you should send a mail to the customer service e-mail address for PUBG Mobile ban removal. Of course, you can do this by clicking the create request button. If you skipped this screen, it will be enough to send an e-mail.

You can ask [email protected] why you got banned. When asking this, you should also mention the things you have changed in the game recently, and you can make comments such as “Was I banned because of this”. Also, if you know why you are being punished, you can report that there is an error in this matter and that you should not be punished. 

We mentioned above, if you have been punished for cheating, there is no way to remove it. Below you will see how much Tencent is serious about cheating. 

Why Did You Get Banned?

According to the official statement from, many cheaters got banned for a decade. PUBG Mobile team thanked everyone who played the game without cheats to keep the game fair and fun for others. Also, they reminded the players that they should report players who are using third-party software through the in-game reporting system.


Based on the official statement, many penalties have been given to Asian and European players. There are many reasons for that such as auto-aim cheat and changing the game files. Also, PUBG Mobile shares the nickname of the banned players which allows people to see the players who reported (if they got banned or not).

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