PUBG Mobile Binoculars and Sensitivity Settings

PUBG Scope Settings
PUBG Scope Settings

In PUBG Mobile, you can get an advantage over your opponents by adjusting your binoculars and sensitivity settings in the most accurate way.

PUBG Mobile binocular settings and sensitivity settings are very important. There are many tactics in PUBG Mobile to beat the opponents. But unquestionably one of the most important is to be able to see the rivals well. Before we start, let’s say: The twitches in the game can also affect your binoculars and sensitivity settings.

PUBG Mobile Binocular Settings and Sensitivity Settings

You can fight against opponents that are very well hidden in PUBG Mobile maps. With the camouflage suits that come with air aid, it can be very difficult to distinguish the players. Being able to see your competitors better puts you one step ahead of them.

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PUBG Mobile Binocular Sensitivity Adjustment

You can see where they are going and act accordingly and kill them with a more comfortable look from far away. Binoculars are the most important material for this. When you adjust the PUBG Mobile binocular settings, it will be much easier to be the first.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

PUBG Mobile scope setting affects scope bounce, scope sensitivity and scope target correction against opponents. Let’s get some clarity on binocular target correction. PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings can also be made for the phone, but we do not want to say anything clear here. After trying all the settings, we can say that it is more important to choose a setting according to the screen image and size of your device.

  • It is a setting that helps to target the opponent quickly again in case of bounces after firing at the opponent with the binoculars open or to target from one point to another in a faster and controlled manner.

PUBG Mobile Camera Sensitivity

It has camera sensitivity for binoculars, firing animation precision and gyroscope sensitivity. These sensitivity settings actually differ according to the players. He adjusts as the player is comfortable playing. But basically the most important thing to know is that as the scope zoom increases, lowering the sensitivity setting makes it much easier to aim. For this, the settings we use as Modidictum in binoculars are as seen in the photo.

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3x, 4x, 6x and 8x Binocular Settings

The in-game binocular setting is one of the most important points in the game. Binoculars unfortunately take up a lot of space in the bag. The binoculars you want to use can be different. Players want to use 6x binoculars when it comes to place, and 4x binoculars when it comes to place, and they buy both. But many players do not know that 6x binoculars can also be used as 3x binoculars.

  • When the binoculars are opened, the distance of the binoculars located at the “ADJUST” point at the top left can decrease. Thus, by purchasing a single binocular, you can use both 6x, 4x and 3x, and you actually have 3 binoculars. This frees up a lot of space in your bag.
  • This feature is only valid for 8x binoculars and 6x binoculars. 8x binoculars can be reduced to a maximum of 4x. 6x binoculars can be 3x at most.
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All these operations can be done easily with the wheel of the mouse when the binoculars are opened.

PUBG Mobile Binocular Settings

Changing the binoculars in the game will definitely affect your pace in the game.

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PUBG Mobile Binocular Switch Setting

Instant Binocular Switching

It may be necessary to change binoculars momentarily during the game. You may need to be very quick to do this.

  • You can be faster in the game if you adjust the PUBG Mobile binoculars change instead of opening the bag and changing the binoculars.
  • It is enough to activate the “Quick Scope Switch” in the game settings.
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PUBG Mobile In-Game Binocular Switch Setting
  • Later, when you want to change it in the game, the Quick Scope Switch button will appear on the right.
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PUBG Mobile In-Game Binoculars Switching

When the Quick Scope Switch button is clicked, the binoculars in the bag are removed and even if they are attached to another weapon, they are changed immediately.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings Reset

In order to reset the sensitivity settings of PUBG Mobile, you must go to the “Settings” section in PUBG Mobile and enter the “Sensitivity” tab. You should select “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Customize” from the Sensitivity tab. If you choose the Customize option, you will have to adjust the settings according to you. If you choose one of the other three, those settings will be loaded automatically.

PUBG Mobile says hello to many more different features with every update. After these new updates, we updated this content. After making your binocular settings, you should definitely check out our PUBG Weapon Guide content. Follow Mobidictum for this kind of content and much more PUBG Mobile guides! We also share many PUBG Mobile content on our YouTube channel. We just added a PUBG Mobile video below. You can enable us to reach larger audiences by liking and commenting on the video.

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