PUBG Mobile Golden Mirado Guide: Location and all the details

Golden Mirado
Golden Mirado

Where is the new Golden Mirado located?

We told you where you can find the new golden car, special for those who ask where PUBG Mobile Golden Mirado will come out. The car added to the game with the new update, we can say that we are definitely coming out at certain points on the Mad Miramar map.

With the new update of PUBG Mobile, one of the innovations added to the game was the Golden Mirado. PUBG, which now has a crazy game with the new Miramar map, also introduced its special grabber car to this map. The game, which has always been spoken with car and motorcycle models, is now spoken to Mirado, which is spoken to a stylish appearance. We tell you where you can find this car.

golden mirado
We have confirmed the information for you and found the Gold Mirado.

Where will the PUBG Mobile Golden Mirado car appear?

With the new Miramar map, the Mad Miramar feature has also been added to the game. There is now a sandstorm on this new map and players will also have to escape from the sandstorm as well. The sandstorm can damage cars and even homes in the area it passes. Therefore, if you see a sandstorm while playing the new map, you should definitely move away from that area. In addition to this new feature, the new Mirado added to the game is among the most interesting things for players.

The new Mirado is spread across the map. However, most of the players can also find it from garages. For this reason, we recommend that you look at the small, garage-filled collection areas in rural areas, especially instead of large settlements. It was already very difficult to find Mirado in cities on the old Miramar map. Generally, players could find this car on small collection areas and ring roads.

golden mirado
There are places you can most likely find.

Not much below the map

One of the best places to find the new car is probably Hacienda del Patron. However, before jumping here, we would like to point out that many players jumped here to find Mirado. So if you are not too confident in your aiming ability, you should consider jumping here again. You can also find different items here besides the car, if nobody else jumps or if you destroy other people who jumped. You can also play with BlueStacks on the PC to enjoy the new car and destroy other players easily.

Apart from this, the car can be located at different points on the map. So while walking around, take a good look at the garages. Players often find the new car in garages. For this reason, it will be the ideal scenario for you to look at garages while wandering around small settlements as mentioned above. If you want to get a definite result, you can skip to Hacienda del Patron. So how can we enjoy this game on the computer?

golden mirado
Enjoy the game by playing from the computer.

How to play mobile games from a computer with BlueStacks?

In order to play mobile games on the computer with BlueStacks, we first need to download them. With this completely free and reliable program, you can play almost all popular mobile games. After downloading the program and installing it on the computer, we open the Google Play Store that comes loaded. Here we download the game we want after entering our own account. You can search and download directly for PUBG Mobile. Then the installation of the game is done automatically by the program. At this point, if you want to play the Crazy Miramar map, you can download it additionally. After this stage, enter the game directly and start playing.

golden mirado
You can download the game by clicking the image.

Last thing we want to mention is game settings. You can use your PUBG Mobile game settings as ready if you wish. However, if you want to make personal settings yourself, you can adjust this as you wish from the BlueStacks menu. You can read our guide here for that. We know that you are looking forward to playing the features added to the game with the new update. Good game to everyone.

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