PUBG Mobile Lite Sensitivity Settings

Pubg Mile Lite Sensivity Seettings
With the PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings list, you can find sensitivity suggestions to make your gaming experience easier.

With PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings, you can find yourself and show more effective game performance.

Find the best settings for your convenience with our PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings content. Sensitivity settings vary from player to player, but not for beginners or those who like to experiment with other people’s settings. In this content, we will suggest sensitivity settings you can use in PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite Sensitivity Settings

PUBG Mobile Lite, which we can call a sub-version of PUBG Mobile, is a game designed for devices with relatively lower systems. The game, which is far behind in terms of features compared to PUBG Mobile, has been developed for players with low system devices to enjoy PUBG. Although there are differences in terms of features, the gameplay is exactly the same.

Pubg Mobile Lite sensivity
The in-game effect of sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile Lite may be more than you expect.

One of the most important issues in PUBG Mobile Lite is the aim control issue. In fact, this situation experienced in every PUBG game is one of the biggest concerns of the players. Although some players change their sensitivity settings to eliminate their problems with aim control, some players act through suggestions. These suggestions, which might work for players who need help, naturally may not meet the needs of every player. However, you can make some changes yourself in the points you see too much or missing.

Camera sensitivity

Pubg Mobile Lite sensivity
Sensitivity adjustments in free view mode will allow you to move more comfortably.

The first item of our PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings list is the camera sensitivity settings. The suggestions we will make for camera sensitivity will be for the free view mode, where you can control your surroundings without changing your direction while moving. You can achieve better results by using these sensitivity settings that can make your experience easier. If you are going to make adjustments for first person mode, it may be useful to decrease the sensitivity settings a little.


Pubg Mobile Lite sensivity
Camera sensitivity will improve the results of your instant reactions in the game.

One of the most important settings of PUBG Mobile Lite is camera settings. The camera settings, which determine your rotation speed in the game, are a setting that has a lot of influence on your movements in the game. Because the movement, which is a part of each moment, also affects the course of the game. Our recommendation here is that the sensitivity should be slightly higher. Keeping the sensitivity setting high can make you react faster, and this can be very useful, especially in critical moments.

Firing animation sensitivity

Pubg Mobile Lite sensivity
If you are having trouble with aim, changing the shooting animation sensitivity may solve this problem.

The firing animation sensitivity that is active while in firing mode is more related to your weapon. The settings of this sensitivity, which has a considerable effect on using sniper rifles and controlling the recoil of the weapon, are also of great importance. If you are still on low level in incremental mode, this setting may be the cause of your problem. The changes you make in the sensitivity of the shooting animation can be quite effective when made considering the suitability for yourself. For this reason, while using the settings we have given above, a few small changes suitable for you can provide even better results.


Pubg Mobile Lite sensivity
The gyroscope, which is also used by professional players, will help in facilitating your in-game experience.

The gyroscope is one of the great functions in the game, which does a great job of recoil and makes the players’ job quite easy. It is very important to make adjustments to use this beautiful function efficiently. Because after the most appropriate adjustment for yourself, your performance in PUBG Mobile Lite may increase noticeably. The Gyroscope, which is also important to professional players, can allow you to do great work in the right settings. The sensitivity settings we have given above may not be suitable for everyone. However, as we mentioned in the previous lines, if you are a beginner or have great problems with aim control, it may be useful to play with these settings or with a sensitivity close to these settings.

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