PUBG Mobile Ping Reduce Tactics

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We have prepared a PUBG Mobile ping drop guide.

We have explained a few tactics to solve the high ping problems in PUBG Mobile.

We have a few suggestions to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile. In PUBG Mobile, you can easily solve high ping problems by applying ping reduction tactics.

PUBG Mobile High Ping Problem and Solution

The high ping in PUBG Mobile bothers us all. High ping value in games causes lag while playing the game and many players complain of high ping values. High ping values make your gaming experience worse, and you can often lose conflicts you enter from high ping values. We have explained the PUBG Mobile ping reduction tactics to increase your gaming experience.

Pubg Mobile ping
Turn off auto sync.

Automatic Synchronization

Automatic syncing wastes a lot of battery and bandwidth on your phone. Therefore, this feature may cause delays while playing games. To avoid this problem, you should disable automatic syncing to make room for game data. This way helps you improve your in-game experience.

Pubg Mobile ping

Use Game Booster apps

Game Booster apps turn off apps running in the background on your phones and provide a smoother gaming experience. Your device will warm up slower and have less ping value due to apps closing in the background. In this way, you can play your games much more comfortably.

Pubg Mobile ping
GFX Tool

Use GFX Tool

You can download the GFX Tool for free from the Google Play Store. GFX Tool is an app that helps you change some features in PUBG Mobile such as shadows, texture quality, resolution, and reflections. High graphics can result in high ping values. Therefore, GFX Tool will help you a lot to deal with high ping problems in PUBG Mobile.

You can also use the settings we mentioned by going to the link for the best PUBG Mobile GFX Tool graphics settings.

Pubg Mobile ping
PUBG Mobile server selection

Connect to the server that’s right for you

There are many servers in PUBG Mobile and if you connect to the server closest to you, you will get the best ping value. Therefore, before starting the game, you must connect to the server with the lowest ping value in the lobby settings. If all of the servers have a high ping value, you can use VPN and join other servers, but the fewer players playing on the server you enter, the longer it will take to find a game.

Pubg Mobile ping
Downloads made in the background cause an increase in pings in games

Stop downloads running in the background

To get the ideal ping value, downloads from another device or your device can increase your ping value no matter how high your internet speed is. You need to pause the download for the high ping to decrease, or it can be more beneficial for game efficiency if you enter the game after the download is finished.

Pubg Mobile ping
Wi-Fi related ping problems can also occur.

Wi-Fi Issues

The further you get from your WI-FI device, the higher your ping value will be. Walls and doors in between can seriously affect the ping value. Likewise, if you are playing your game with the cellular data of your phone, you can leave closed areas and move to a more open area.

In addition, when your Wi-Fi device is low, there may be high ping values, while your download and upload speed may decrease. For this reason, try to put your device in higher places for better values.

That’s it for our PUBG Mobile ping drop tactics. We believe that if you follow the suggestions above, you can easily solve the high ping problem.

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