PUBG Mobile Profile Photo: Changing Player Picture

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PUBG Mobile Profile Photo: Changing Player Picture

We are here with PUBG Mobile player picture change guide, you will no longer have a problem with your PUBG Mobile photo. Changing profile picture is very simple in this game! With the spread of PUBG Mobile, players started to pay more attention to their clothes and profiles. As Mobidictum, we stand by them by writing PUBG Mobile guide and finding solutions to the problems experienced by players in Mobile PUBG. Today we have prepared for you PUBG Mobile avatar changing guide. By changing photos in PUBG Mobile, you can make your friends know you more easily.

PUBG Mobile Picture

We can say that the subject of PUBG Mobile player picture is very important. In this mobile PUBG guide, we explained how to change the profile photo. You can also play the game on PC by going to our article titled PUBG Mobile PC. You can change your profile photo by doing the following on your PC. PUBG Mobile will also reflect your identity on the photo, so add the most suitable photo for you so that those who see it will recognize you. ?

PUBG Mobile Player Picture Changer

When the developers of PUBG Mobile adapted the game to mobile platforms, a surprising decision made it possible to log in only with a guest and Facebook account. Thus, users who want to improve their character or name their own will have to use their Facebook account.

PUBG Mobile Facebook Login

  • First, you access your Facebook account where you log into the game and change the profile photo.
  • Then you click on PUBG Mobile from your phone. (The important point here is that you do not log into the game.)
  • After that, you need to restart the game with the Repair button.

Repair Button

  • We click the Repair button on the left side of the game’s login screen.
  • After completing the above step, we restart the game. So we turn it off and start again.
  • Then we enter the game and log in with Facebook.
  • When you look at your profile, you will see that your profile picture has changed.

PUBG Mobile is at the top!

The game, which ranks first in the Most Popular Free Apps list in the Google Play Store and first in the Strategy list of the Apple App Store, continues to be developed with updates. With the latest major update, a new Arcade mode and lots of tweaks have been brought to the game. The game, which has recently been racing for the top with Brawl Stars, also competes with Free Fire. You can access the content of these games via Mobidictum.

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