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Soccer All Stars

Soccer All Stars is a soccer duel game released by the Turkish game company LimonGames, in which 6 players in total compete in 3-vs-3 teams.

With Soccer All Stars, the football pitch comes to your pocket!

In this episode of our mobile game reviews series, we will review the Turkish game, Soccer All Stars. Soccer All Stars is a game where talent and intelligence stand out, unlike other football category games. The purpose of the game is to climb the steps of success one by one in and try to become a legend by earning trophies. It also makes the players enjoy being on the pitch on their mobile phone. So how is this climbing system?

All Soccer Stars – Leagues

12 Different Leagues

There are 12 different leagues in total in the game. These leagues are from lowest to highest, respectively: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, Grand Master, Champion, Grand Champion, Star, Big Star and Legends. For an example, you have to win 3 games in a row to get out of Iron 5, where you start the game. If you don’t win, one of the 2 wins you have is going away. Thus, there is a situation where you have to win 2 times in a row.

Soccers All Stars is a game that aims to give players a football experience

You Can Chat With Your friends

The game also has a nice chat system. In this chat system, there is a common messaging screen that you can talk to both your own lobby and all the other players in the game. In the common messaging screen, you also have the opportunity to meet other players and find teammates. You can also mutually add multiple people with the in-game friend addition system, so you can play together again in the future. Apart from the in-game friendship system, you can also connect your Facebook account to the game, so you can easily meet your friends on the social media.

In the general chat in Soccer All Stars, you can meet other players and team up with whom you can play.

8 different characters are waiting for you

The game currently has 8 different characters. Characters have common features and every one has its own unique ability. First of all, let’s talk about the special abilities of these characters. Lemon, our starting character for example can shift to the ball. Another character is Keeper who can use his special ability to make him giant. There’s common features in the game like ball control, waiting time, strike power, and running speed — these features are used differently in each character. For example, the most prominent feature of Lemon, which is our starting character, is the running speed, while the prominent feature of the Keeper character, which is opened later in the game, is the power of his strike. In this game, you can increase the levels of the characters and upgrade the four features we mentioned. Developing our characters is available with character cards from the chests we get at the end of the game. After reaching the number of cards enough to move on to the next level, we can increase the level of our character with a certain amount of gold.

In Soccer All Stars, characters have different characteristics, general and their own.

Isn’t the characters familiar to you?

Although in-game characters have different names such as Pusher, Keeper, Tornado, Sniper, Snow, something will attract your attention when you look at the images of the characters. Yes, these characters are inspired by real actors! This situation, which does not make sense for the players when you first look, but draws your attention when you look at the character features and visuals, adds a different color to the game. How Does? Let’s examine the character of Pusher.

When we look carefully at the image of the Pusher character, a direct name will come to mind of the names following the football. Yes, that name is Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool’s successful defender! This character was inspired by him, therefore, he should have a defense move. Another example is Tornado. When you look at this character carefully, you will see Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers in the world. The ability of this character, which was created by inspiring from Barcelona’s historical player Lionel Messi, is that  it increase the speed of running, stroke power and ball control for a certain period . We don’t want to undermine your excitement by talking about all the other characters.

Each character in Soccer All Stars is created with inspiration from professional football players.

To sum up, we can say that Soccer All Stars differs from other football games in terms of game mechanics. Soccer All Stars, which aims to provide an enjoyable football experience similar to thet field taste, as we mentioned before, rather than providing a realistic football experience, seems to have accomplished this well. However, don’t be surprised by the promise of a fun football experience we use here. Of course, this is a football game. But if you dream of a game like FIFA Football, this may not be the football game you’re looking for. The developable features of in-game characters, the creation of the characters inspired by real players and their special abilities shaped accordingly were perhaps the most important detail in the game, where their unique abilities increased competition.

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