What is PUBG tier protection and when is it activated?

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We can say that PUBG level protection is a system that players attach great importance to in the competition system. We talked about this issue and many details in the content we prepared for the PUBG Rank System. Now we share special content on this subject.

PUBG Level Guard

PUBG Level Protection is the protection that comes into play when your total score drops to the lowest level of your current rank. In other words, we can say that it is a new chance given to you when you will be lowered. As a result, your total score is reduced to the lowest level you need to jump back to the level you are in.

Of course, if you don’t have protection, you will be ranked lower. When reaching the fifth rank at each rank, three tiers of protection are activated. Protection is achieved between every fourth tier and first tier. You will have 3 tier protection at the Fatih and As tiers.

How does the tier protection system work?

  • When reaching the 5th level in each rank, the 3 level protection is activated.
  • There is protection between the 4th and the 1st level.
  • There are 3 levels of protection in the conqueror and ace ranks.

PUBG Mobile Rank System

The ranks are determined according to the points players get according to the success of the games. Each rank consists of 5 levels in itself. Bronze Tier 1200-1699, Silver Tier 1700-2199, Gold Tier 2200-2700. It can be played within Platinum Tier 2700-3199, Diamond Tier 3200-3699, Crown 3700-4199. Remember, the opponents you come across correspond to your own rank. You have to control the map more in higher ranks. Your opponents can come out from anywhere at any time.

Players who reach the Ace rank and rank among the top 500 on the servers they are on will have the elite title of “Fatih”. This level is updated every day at 00:00.

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